Full Bathroom Remodel

We have many services, one of them being our Full Bathroom Remodel service. This is obviously great if you want everything changed about your bathroom. Sure, we can yank out the existing cabinets and replace them with beautiful new ones. That is one of our services.

But we can also do a complete, from the ground up, remodel of your bathroom, not just the cabinets. We can pull out the cabinets, replace them with cabinets of your choice and design. We can replace the countertops, the sink, the faucets, the handles for the faucets. We have tons of sample material for you to choose from. And we’ll help you find the right sink, right faucets and handles, right materials—the ones that you want!

We can also take out the shower or bath and replace them, and the hardware for the shower and bath. We can go with a completely different design.

How does that sound for full bathroom remodel?

But there is more. We can replace the flooring. Do you currently have linoleum and want to upgrade? Or maybe you want linoleum? We can install any type of flooring.

We can replace your toilet.
We can replace the light covers in the bathroom.
And we can replace the window or window coverings to something new and great.

You’re probably starting to get the point—we can do piecemeal work if you’d like and that’s perfectly awesome, or we can just do a full remodel.

Not only that, but we can help from start to finish. That is, we’ll start at the design stage and work on that until we figure out a design you approve, materials you approve. And then we’ll go into the building, remodeling, installation phase and whip up that bathroom into something completely fresh and new.

Thanks for considering us and we look forward to speaking.