Interior Design Temecula

If you’re looking for an incredible interior design service that handles not only the design but the installation, you’ve found the right place! We handle the whole process and work with you to create the design of your dreams. We provide a 3D drawing/mockup of your wanted design, AND then we handle the installation. From start to finish, we’re the best choice for your home remodel project.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen or bath, your living room/family room, your dining room, a bedroom, whatever it is, we can help. We have thousands of samples of materials we can show you at our shop in Lake Elsinore, from flooring to countertops to cabinets.

We’re right in the Temecula area and serve the Inland Empire with pride. We get great feedback from our happy customers/clients; we’re a family owned business, and all in all we’re ready to provide you with our interior design services.

If you live in or around Temecula, and you’re looking for an interior designer who will provide you with a great design but also be able to complete the job, look no further. We’re right in that unique niche of being able to design your interior, work with you, and then do the actual work and installation—which means you don’t have to hire an interior designer for the first part of the job and then a construction company for the next part of the job. We’re full service.

Why not call us, email us or drop into our store today to begin a conversation? We can get you more info on what we can do for your home remodel project. If you’re considering using us for your project, let’s set up a meeting where we can view your home’s interior, get measurements and begin working out a proposal.