Tile and Flooring Services Inland Empire

If you’re here because you want to change your flooring, you’re in the right place! We can help! And if you’re looking for something else — like bathroom or kitchen remodels, finish carpentry work, and more, view our services page to see all of our many services.

Tile and flooring. We serve the Inland Empire (Riverside County area) and have been for more than a decade. There is one major difference between us and many of our competitors. And that is, we have a store you can visit and view many of our flooring samples. Many contractors only have shops, not stores, and they often don’t carry many (if any) samples.

You can visit our store and find samples of flooring that you’d want in your home—be it hardwood floor, tile, stone, what have you.

We supply the top 5 different types of flooring: laminate, stone, tile, carpet, and hardwood. And if you need some other type of flooring, we can probably help with that too!

And a great thing about us is that you don’t need to know exactly what you want. You can maybe have an impression or you can have truly no idea, and we can help you find what you’re looking for within your economic range.

To get started on replacing your flooring, it’s as simple as giving us a call. We’d love to come out to your place and get measurements so we can draw up a bid proposal. Then you can consider and weigh your options and get back to us. That’s pretty simple and hassle free.

We’d love to help you find the flooring you want and then install it. Why not call today or this week? With a call, you’re one step closer of getting rid of your current flooring and getting something new and awesome!

Thanks for considering us,
New Empire Interiors